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14 Lots on Queenston Ave Port Coquitlam

Number of Lots: 14

Two Parcels of 1.2 Acre each  got assembled and subdivided in to 14 lots. These Lots are RS7 zoned.  All the Houses will be basement plus two story. In this subdivision Lot No. 1 to 8 are RS 7  Zoned.  A house upto 3658 sq.ft…

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Dorset Corner Port Coquitlam

Please call for the price | Number of Lots: 3

One Big lot with an old Rancher got subdivided in to 3 RS 4 zoning lots. Each lot is 13 m x 27 m . This is a new Housing Zoning got introduced in City of Port Coquitlam . Its more known as small lot…

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3800 sq.ft

8 lot on Mason Ave Port Coquitlam

Number of Lots: 8

A parcel of 1.2 Acre on Burke Mountain on Mason Ave is ready to get subdivide in to eight RS 8 lots. This zoning allow to build almost 3850 sq.ft house on each lot. The garage will be separate. Each lot will accommodate two car…

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6 lot on Glenwood Ave Port Coquitlam

Number of Lots: 6

Two properties 3450 Hastings Street and 3458 Hastings street are getting  assembled and will be  subdivided in to 6 RS4 Zoning Lots. The Lots are very much leveled . Each lot is 11m x34 m. Each Lot will accommodate Basement plus Two Story . The…

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4024 sq.ft

2 lot on Salisbury Ave Port Coquitlam

Number of Lots: 2

A one Big Lot almost 12,200 sq.ft area is getting subdivided in to two lots. Each Lot will be 6000 sq.ft. These lots will be big enough to accommodate two story house and Basement plus two story House.   The leveled lot makes it easy…

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6000 sq.ft

3 Lot on Glenwood Ave Port Coquitlam

Number of Lots: 3

A big Lot almost 1050 sq.m will be getting subdivided in to three RS4 Zoned  Lots. Each lot will accommodate Basement plus Two story House. The lots with Brand new Infrastructure will be ready soon .  The lots are centrally located and are just minutes…

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3700 sq.ft